Second Teen house player Andi Eigenmann exits the house of Big Brother. She can't handle the pressure of the training so she decided to exit. So the task is all up to Mikan. Will he also give up to the challenge?

Day 3 of the teen's survival training. First off - Inverted Meal. unlike the usual way of eating, here last things first to eat. They have to drink the beverage first, then the viand (or the sandwich filling), then last is the rice (or bread).

Next - Rappelling. Each teens will have to go down a make-shift wall rappel style.

Now for lunch - frog hunting. This one is so funny as our Promdi Hunk Ejay surprisingly is afraid of frogs! Unusual for a probinsyano, not like Valerie who seems to be enjoying what she's doing!

This coming Sunday will be the Guardian's Big Night. There are still five guardians in-house, so the Teen Council is tasked to pick one guardian for eviction. The Teen Council chose Sandy.
But Big Brother gave Beauty a special power to change the Teen Council's decision, and Beauty chose her mother, as she thinks that others might need the money more than they do.



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