Anton wanted revenge for his mother's death, and now that he knows that Noah killed her mother, he attacks him off-guard. Unfortunately for him, Noah is immune to a werewolf bite and Gaby and Choy is guarding Noah. They shot him, but not fatal. Anton even had the chance to spiel Silva's secret to them - Silva's being a werewolf.

Meanwhile in Silva's hideout where he held Aleck captive, he tries his special bullet loaded with a blood immune to werewolf bites (probably Noah's). It proved effective to level 1's, and it seems it is also effective to higher levels of werewolves. Lyka arrived at the scene and had an encounter with Silva. Lyka being the lat guard, managed to throw down Silva, making him unconscious.

But she was to short of a time to save Aleck, as the "poison" quickly circulated in his body. She tried to ask the stone of Remus to revive him, and with a teardrop from her eyes, the stone emerges and entered Aleck's body. Lyka was to amazed and happy that she dropped the pendant that holds the stone of Remus just within reach of Silva.


  1. Anonymous said...
    ano b yan!!ang tagal naman ni gen.silva mamatay!!i want him dead!!tpos napaka careless pa ni lyka!anyway,thanks ethanne..your the best..mwahh..
    Allan Tan Raya said...
    wow ang galing talaga
    kapamilya maraming salamt po

    naku naman si lyka ohhhh
    paano na yan
    wait nalang ako ng monday
    Ethanne said...
    Last five weeks na lang kaya wag na tayong bibitiw! Team kapamilya tayo!
    lynnb said...
    thanks,kahit nakaka-irita na ang papel ni silva!

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