Beauty won in a recent game and her prize is a date with Alex. Alex composed a poem for Beauty (translated in tagalog by Robi). But Beauty admitted to Nicole that she doesn't want to hurt other's feelings as Beauty is aware that Alex has a girlfriend outside.

Ex-celebrity house mate Gaby dela Merced re-enters the house of Big Brother not as a guest house mate but as trainer for the driving lesson weekly task of the house mates. All of the teens are so excited of their practice driving.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I want to tell only thank you very much for this blog, its nice, very good. thank you again..
    Anonymous said...
    sorry to say this but,you know what niki?naiirita na ako sayo!day by day na tumatagal ka sa loob,nag iiba na attitude mo,.and parang galit na galit ka kay roby..besides,siguro nga,dapat ka magalit,.kasi roby has alot of positive attitudes than you have right now,.sayang ka,I thought your so kind and maraming good attitude,bet pa naman kita.but ngayon,nawalan na ako ng amor sayo..

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