Silva discovered that Aleck is not the last guard that he wanted. Silva stabbed Aleck with a knife, hoping that being the last guard, the wound would heal, but it didn't.

Nessa saved and released the black wolves held captive by the wayas, but they have been followed by the group of Ylvanna. Nessa sought the help of Rodolfo's group. Rodolfo attacked Ylvanna, but he is outnumbered.

Just as Ylvanna's group is about to terminate Rodolfo, Lyka came to the rescue. She made a dialogue with them and convinced Ylvanna that they should help each other as they are all werewolves regardless of color. This is the moment that the stone of Remus is waiting for as prophesied by Nana Sela - that the last guard should befriend the enemy.


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