Four teens are out for an adventure they will never forget. A first in Pinoy Big Brother history, these teens will be out of the house of Big Brother for more than 24 hours, but a Big Brother make-shift house was built there with a confession room too. They are in a remote island of Palawan where there is an absolute isolation with the modern world.

Four teens; Ejay and Nan, and Priscilla and Beauty, left the house while their fellow teens were asleep. Before they leave, each of them were given a chance to get three things from a pile which they think are of use for them.

They left for Palawan via chartered plane, and from Puerto Princesa Airport, a helicopter transfered them to the island where they will use what they have learned from the week's survival training.

The tasks are written in a paper inserted in a bottle. Their first task is to collect twelve small crabs (3 crabs each) so that they can have the map for the location of their camp site.

They succeeded in their task and they now have the map. The map shows the location of their supplies which they should get as they follow the trail.

At last the teens arrived at their camp site. But there are still more tasks to be done, and the teens sure had a long day. Before they can use the ladder going to the confession room, one of them should climb up using a rope. Monkeys invade their house, eating their supplies. Some of their things are buried deep in the sand, and they have to cook their rice on a bamboo.


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