Big brother gave a special treat to Beauty for her dedication and eagerness to succeed in a given task (or as a consolation for the accident that Beauty encountered while playing the Alphabet Soup game). Meanwhile, Shy's next task is to lose Nan's patience on whatever she will do to him (pikunin).

Ex-house mate Joaqui Mendoza of PBB Teen Edition 1 will once again enter the Big Brother house, but for a special task. He will wear an "override", a sort of lapel headset wherein he will hear some directions to be given by ex-house mate Jason Gaiza of PBB Season 1. First, he gave some flowers to Valerie. Second, he opened a gift, and to his surprise, a rat is inside it. He is known to be afraid of rats. But it seems that Shy knows Joaqui personally, is it safe to say that Shy is also an ex-house mate?


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