The teens in the yellow house had their own "island adventure" as they have to catch, clean, and cook their own food just like what the teens at Palawan did. They also ate "tamilok", a wood worm. Mikan boasts to the other teens that it was a delicious treat, being served at restaurants. But when his turn to eat one came, he vomits it.

The teens at Palawan were not alone (obviously the cameramen are with them). But they are being followed and watched by three ex-teen house mates Josef, Jolas and Kevin. These three were given a task to separate Valerie from the group, which they succeeded without the other teens waking up and knowing it.

The teens went to the mangroves area for some tasks. There, they met Lady Mangrove, and their first task is to plant new mangrove trees.

Next, a caretaker of the mangrove area demonstrated to them how to get "tamilok" or wood worm. Their next task is to fill a coconut shell with "tamilok" and they have to eat some.


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