Noah fully trusted Lyka's love for him, and he know that Lyka will never do anything that would hurt him, even if at times he sees her with Aleck in an uneasy situation. They are so overwhelmed by their love for each other that they have decided to get married.

Raul is not that bad after all. He sees Lady Elle's sincerity and care for the entire werewolf race, and her dedication to the cooperation of humans and werewolves alike. He sees hope in Elle, and that hope will put a stop to their hiding, and can live just like normal. But Rodolfo shares a different point of view. He sees it as a trap, a tactic from Lady Elle and the Luna group to conquer them.

Meanwhile Leon got in hand a video of Dr. Vivian that she made before she was killed. In that video, she explained all the operations of the various laboratories of Silva, and her views and opinions on what might be happening. She lost her trust on Silva that's why she created the video for Leon to know.


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