Things will never be the same again between Lyka and Noah as Lyka revealed her deepest secret to Noah. Noah's thirst for revenge overcomes his love for Lyka, and accepting the fact that Lyka is "one of them" proved to be very hard for Noah.

Noah and Gaby had an operation on hunting down Aleck Aragon. They didn't know that Anton is also there in the area they are about to raid, so does Clara and Silva who had a meeting regarding Clara's knowledge of who really is the last guard and her bargain in exchange for Anton.

Silva used Clara as shield against the bullets from Noah's group. Clara died on the spot, with Silva nowhere to be found as he escaped quickly. Anton watches from a distance as Noah's group carries out the dead body of his mother.


  1. BugzWudz said...
    ethanne bakit wala pa ang episode 88? :( busy ka? wala kc kaming tv sa bahay dito lang ako nakakapanood. anyway, thank you talaga. god bless always.
    Ethanne said...
    had a problem with blogger.. will upload the videos soon

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