White Castle girl Roxanne Guinoo stars in this new daytime soap of ABS-CBN entitled "Ligaw na Bulaklak". On its pilot episode, the story showed a glimpse of what will happen in the future. The scene shows Dennis (Nonie Buencamino) pointing a gun towards Lea (Roxanne Guinoo). Lea is with Mon (Isko Moreno), long-time rival of Dennis. Dennis pulled the trigger and shoots Lea.

Flashback 1983. Marilyn (Jodie Sta. Maria) and his father Herming works for Mon on the betting booths. Dennis is Mon's rival in the business, as well as for Marilyn's heart. But Dennis has no chance with Marilyn as she and Mon have been going out for quite a time now and they love each other.

Until one time, Herming lost a great deal of money that was not his, and the owner of the money wants it back really bad. Herming tried to ask some help from Mon, but Mon couldn't help him. He had no other choice but to go to Dennis, which is far wealthier than Mon. Dennis used this to his advantage to get Marilyn. Dennis agreed to give him money on two conditions to be decided by a flip of a coin. The head will mean that Herming will have the money he wants and with no obligation of paying it. The tails will mean that Herming will still have the money and will have no obligation of paying it, provided that Marilyn will become his wife.

The coin show tail, which means that Marilyn will have to marry Dennis. Marilyn had no choice but to follow him or his father's life will be in danger. He told this to Mon, and while Mon tried to convince her not to go with Dennis, Marilyn really had no choice.

Marilyn married Dennis, and as expected, her life with him is like hell.


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