Is the house of Big Brother still safe for our teens? Who's to blame? Big Brother gathered the boys inside the confession room and reminded them to take care of their health as two of the boys just recently came back from the hospital for some medical examination.

Alex had a viral gastroenteritis, due to some bacterial contamination, maybe from the food they eat or accidentally drinking some water from the pool while swimming.
Robi meanwhile had some muscular strain, maybe because of their punishment (transfer of rice).
Jolas complained of some pain in the nape area, so to check if his blood pressure is rising, Big Brother called on his dad to check his blood pressure, which fortunately is normal.

Nan seems to feel something in his stomach so he requested Big Brother to let him do a "tuob". It is like a steam bath from a mixture of rice, softdrink with ice and juice in a pan. This mixture will be boiled, then Nan will have to position his stomach above it.

But all of these is incomparable with the accident that happened to Beauty. While they are playing the "Alphabet soup" game, Beauty slipped and dropped badly on her buttocks. She is then rushed to the hospital.


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