Another plus in this season of Teen Big Brother (but not actually original) is the introduction of a guest house mate. This house mates is called "Houseplayer ng Bayan", a "remote-controlled" house mate wherein she is tasked to do what the audience chooses to. For every successful task, she will be given P10,000. After a week, a lucky texter will be drawn and will have half of the total winnings of the "houseplayer ng bayan".

Luis, Mariel and Bianca entered the house and were given a chance to be with the teen house mates for some chit-chat. Ejay and Valerie where put on the hot-seat, while the girls talked about who among the boys had a bad breath.

Shy's initial task is to keep her identity (her face especially) secret to the house mates. But her first real task is to pretend that she has a crush on Josef, according to the votes of the audience.


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