It's time for KC Conception's father to be on the spotlight as Gabby Conception plays the role of an obedient family driver in this episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya" entitled "Taxi".

The story is about Bert (Gabby Conception), a family of two kids and married to Lani (Ana Capri). He is the driver of a rich businessman named Federico (Tirso Cruz III), while his wife also works for Federico's family as a maid. Federico is so rich he can do anything. He is not contented with his wife Chona (Rio Locsin) and wants a younger and fresher woman. Federico was given one by the manager of their favorite bar, and her name was Magnolia (Johanna Villeta). Bert is so obedient to his boss that he always kept secret these "monkey business" of Federico. In return, he receives some monetary allowance for his own use.

The problem started when Chona saw a card in their car. She confronted her husband Federico. Federico then secretly confronted Bert and told him to admit that the card was for Bert and not for him. The situation worsened as Federico ordered Bert to admit that Bert has a girl, and he gave his girl a condo unit to live, and all those things which Bert didn't actually did. Bert's wife was around when that happened and witnessed all the twist. Lani decided to stay away from Bert with the kids.

But after some months Chona got the strength to fight against his husband and decided to fly abroad. Bert accompanied them to the airport and didn't returned to Federico. He went to his wife Lani to patch things up, and Lani gave Bert another chance.
Now Bert works as a taxi driver. He had the Prince of Saudi as passenger once, and was given the chance to work in Riyadh. As a twist of fate, Bert accidentally bumped a dirty fellow, and as he approached the man, it was actually his former boss Federico.


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