Seven teen housemates violated a very basic and important rule - the proper use of their lapel microphones. These housemates are Jolas, Kevin, Ejay, Robi, Jieriel, Nicole and Valerie. As punishment, they are instructed to brush the floor using a native "bunot" (coconut husk), but their movements should be synchronized and with choreography. A fun way of doing household chores, don't you think?

Well, not exactly, as Jieriel thinks otherwise. Jieriel cried due to the pressure that Big Brother is putting on them, and then there are those who are not so cooperative. Will they succeed?

This week's task for the housemates is to make t-shirts, which will be on sale soon. Right now, notebooks assembled by the teen housemates and the guardians with signatures of the three graduates namely Jieriel, Rona and Robi are up for sale (for P25 each) and will be for the benefit of a school still undisclosed.


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