Yuen had a vision from Shen Li Liang that the next thing that Shen will need is a "karit" (handheld rice cutter), and it is in the possesion of fishboy's grandmother. Mcoy still doesn't know who fishboy is, and is unaware that fishboy is actually Lem, his nephew. Mcoy instructed his shadow ninjas including Shao to locate fishboy. Shao then warned Lem about what he has learned from Mcoy.

Lem and Master Kung wasted no time going to Lola Ulod. They have to hurry before Shen's hand opens. By the time Shen's hand opened, the "karit" unleashes its power. Lem's clothes changed when Shen's hand opened. The "karit" is actually the "karit ng kamatayan".


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