The guardians are given a weekly task to create a quilt bed sheet for their teens. They are grouped into two, and the group with the most beautiful quilt (to be judged by the teens) gets to play for an immunity. But when Big Brother called the group of My Love (Nan's mother), My Love seems to be hurt with what Carina (Beauty's mother) told Big Brother. Well maybe these guardians are just stressed because they didn't finished the quilt.

Eventually Ningning's group won and, together with their teens, they played at the activity area for immunity. The game had two rounds, one is catching the water balloons "Ball over the wall" (elimination), and the second (played by Kevin and Ejay) is a giant dama board game (checkers). Ejay's father won versus John, therefore Ejay was immune in the second nomination. Watch how the nominations went out in the videos.

How about another love birds inside the house? Ejay and Valerie? Alex and Linda? Will they "click"?


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