On the night before her exit, Linda decided to have some special time with her crush, Alex. They played Uno cards till morn. A few hours before Linda left the house, she was given a special presentation by her fellow teen house mates.

Tension builds up inside the house as the guardians are having some misunderstandings. Two pairs of guardians (My Love and Carina, John and Anna) are tasked to do some ice cream. John feels that Anna doesn't want to work with him, and Anna admitted that she actually feels nervous when in front John. What fires up John is this statement from Anna, "You just enjoy the place, don't do the ice cream..." (The underlined phrase is unclear as Anna's voice softens on this part)

John, with so much anger, shouts "This is Kuya's (Big Brother) Show, not Anna's show!"

Carina is bothered and nervous by what John acted, and to console her feelings, Big Brother decided to let Beauty join and stay with her for the meantime.


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