Korina Sanchez has an exclusive interview with former matinee idol and "crush ng bayan" (in fairness he still is) Mr. Gabby Conception, father of KC Conception which is the daughter of the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Korina also had the chance to chat with Gabby's Father, Rollie, the main reason why Gabby is here in the Philippines (Rollie has a heart ailment). They talked about Gabby's childhood and how he is as a growing boy. On Gabby, they talked about his failed relationship with Sharon, the controversial "Film Fest Scam", and her daughter KC.

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    hi,im very glad to find this blog. can u also post trip na trip episodes, probe and correspondents? these shows are very informational. i like them but i wasnt able to watch kasi sobrang late na ung timeslot eh.plssss...thank! one team, one summer kapamilya

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