After the success of "Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara" starring Kris Aquino, here comes another horror series from the "Susan Roces Cinema Collection" entitled "Maligno", starring Claudine Barretto.

The story started when a couple gave their child to an orphanage. The child was believed to be cursed as these couples have joined a satanic cult. The child's parents died before they even tried to leave the country.
The child was later adopted by a new couple who wants to have a baby but the woman can't wait to conceive one.
The child was named Angela because of a birthmark in her hand that seems to resemble the wings of an angel. Years later Angela's mother died of giving birth.

Angela became a successful woman and now she is a respected TV journalist. But she doesn't know that she is destined to have the son of the devil, and Lucas (Rafael Rosell) will be its biological father.

It seems that at the end of the show, a verse from the Bible will be shown. This was taken from the Gospel according to Matthew:

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  1. Anonymous said...
    that was indeed a good pilot episode... it's not the best but it was good, i hate MTRCB for covering some scenes of the rape scene, but then it went out good... the background music should improve... but they made the most out of it...

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