Once again Josef has been punished because her Tita Anna broke a house rule. Last time Josef received the consequence of the "mysterious gift" at the living room which was opened by her tita. Now, her tita wore sun glasses inside the house, which is prohibited by Big Brother. As punishment, Josef should wear eye goggles with mini aquarium and fighter fishes.

The Josef-Nikki love team will undergo some pressure as Nicole's mom doesn't want what these two are going on. Mommy Sandy told Nikki that it is not good to see them so close as if they are in love as both of them have their partners outside Big Brother's house. As what Mommy Sandy told Nikki: "If you want to be respected, stop foolishness."

Nicole is having a hard time dealing with the pressure from her mommy. She said, "What makes me happy disappoints her
(Mommy Sandy); if I do what she wants, I will be lonely. I don't know what to do..."

Josef is also bothered by their dillema. It's hard for him not to be with Nikki, he loves to have her company. He admitted that Nicole is important to him. But how about his girlfriend outside?
But after a few talks with each other, it seems that they are ready to beat the odds. How far will their relationship go?


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