Nessa had a talk with Lady Elle regarding Lyka being "the last guard" (ang huling bantay) and how sure is Elle of it. Elle, has no proof to show that Lyka s indeed the "huling bantay" but she strongly believes this. To save the werewolves from the wrath of the Red Moon, Lyka should touch the Stone of Remus (if my memory serves me right, Remus is a character on Harry Potter). But if they are wrong that Lyka is the last guard, she will die upon touching that stone.

Nessa doesn't want to take chances with that Stone of Remus, nor she believes in anything that Lady Elle has said, so she went to Father Ben. She remembered that Emil left some of his personal things to Father Ben. Nessa knew that one of those things is an antidote that Emil has been experimenting for years. This is her last chance to remove the "curse" from Lyka.


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