Yuen had the chance to have a talk with Mcoy's son, Gian. Gian told Yuen that he wants his father to stop doing bad things, and he will even join his father's enemies just to stop his father from his evil doings. Yuen tried to brainwash Gian by saying that the real enemy is Master Kung and his father, who wants Shen Li Liang for their own "selfish" intentions.

Lem saw the "x" mark on Chubbs' forehead. An "x" mark on one's forehead signifies that death will come to that person, and this makes Lem worry for his best friend. That is why Lem is desperately looking for a solution, and when they saw Maneki, it told them that they should give the "karit" to Shen.

And that is what Lem did. He and his fellow Kung Fu kids went to Mcoy's place (without noticing their presence) and offered the karit to Shen.


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