The teens failed in their weekly task, the "Three Blind Maze", and for that, their weekly budget will be reduced by 50%. After weeks of being together, it seems that they haven't developed their teamwork yet.

Meanwhile, Big Brother gave Josef a chance to talk with with his father for 100 seconds to ask anything. With their conversation, an answer is clear: If Josef's tita decides to go, they have no choice but to respect it, and Josef will have to tag along.

Meanwhile Big Brother called on all the guardians for a serious discussion. They all very well knew that as long as they stay, their kids stay too, but if they decide to go, their partner teen will have to go to. But what they didn't know is that they too will have a prize if they remain till the end of the season. That's why when Big Brother asked those who wants to stay to go out of the confession room, only tita Anna was left inside, to her disbelief, not even her close co-guardian Carina joined her.

Big Brother proposed that if Tita Anna wants to leave but doesn't want Josef to go with her outside, she must convince Josef's father to swap with her. Knowing that this is impossible, Tita Anna had no other choice but to stay. Big Brother warned her that if she ever decides to leave again, she will never be given another chance and she will exit immediately, along with Josef.
Josef, surprised and happy with the outcome, will still stay for good as long as her Tita can, and if Josef will never be nominated and evicted.


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