Looks like dinner time is torture time for the teens as some of them are not accustomed to eating vegetables, especially Nan, Alex and Valerie. Big Brother ordered them to learn eating vegetables and they will not leave the table until they have finished eating their share of veggies.

Meanwhile, Big Brother tasked those teens with knowledge of the secret place of the guardians to scare the five remaining teen house mates who still doesn't know of such place and has no knowledge that their guardians are living within their premises. These five are Priscilla, Valerie, Linda, Rona and Nicole.

But the teens failed in their task so Big Brother appointed the task to the guardians. If the guardians succeeds, Big Brother will reveal the secret to the five girls, otherwise the five will never know that their guardians is staying with them.

And just like the teens, the guardians failed in their task. Big Brother gave another chance for the five teens to know the secret by solving the mystery behind the missing noodles issue.


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