Voting has been closed by Big Brother because a house mate has decided to voluntarily exit. We know Kevin and Beauty had stated their plans, or "threats?" of leaving the house, but how about the worsening situation between Tita Anna and daddy John? Will this trigger Josef to finally give up his ambition and leave the house?

Big Brother decided to let Josef stay with his Tita Anna to lessen the stress that her aunt is experiencing. But Josef's stay seems not to help but gives all the more reason for John to blame his "enemy" Anna. From Josef not doing household choses to the recent budgeting incident that Anna is involved with (and has something to blame really), John once again bursts into anger to the point that Josef can't stand him anymore.

Because of this, both Josef and Anna was transferred to the teens place to stop aggravating the situation, a temporary solution to an already worse personal war. Are they ready to exit?


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