Through Giancarlo's resourcefulness and wit, and with the help of Agent Enzo, they managed to escape Alessandro's hideout. Giancarlo also managed to retrieve the microchip and handed it over to lola yaya, instructing her to give the microchip to Fabio only. Giancarlo and Enzo decided to stay and fight Alessandro's gang, but the two were outnumbered.

The president went to the hospital where her daughter was brought. There he met Fabio and lola Yaya, and they cleared Giancarlo's name and his allegedly connection with Alessandro.
Lola yaya then handed over to Fabio the microchip, but just as Fabio was about to get it to lola yaya, the President immediately took it and kept it "to avoid further trouble".

After a little while Fabio received a call from Alessandro, demanding for the microchip in exchange for Giancarlo's life.


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