The leader of the Lunas has been bitten by a werewolf before, and he also suffered the "first sign" of the "Red Moon". He decided to let go of Noah, he had done all that he can do for him but Noah is still firm in his decision no to join them. Who knows what the leader of the Luna is thinking, maybe he has a plan for Noah once he is freed.

Lyka confronts her grandmother Elle for not telling the truth earlier. Elle told Lyka that she is afraid that Lyka might not accept the truth easily. The burden of being a werewolf might be hard for Lyka, more so being the savior of the werewolves.

To know the truth, Elle presented a book to Lyka, and the book can only be opened if the moon stone be placed on it. Fortunately, the other half of the moon stone from Noah was returned to Lyka, so the moon stone is whole.


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