Lyka did managed to get and hold the stone of Remus, but then the stone exploded and changed into dust. The dust then began to shape itself like a wolf. The wolf said to Lyka that the stone of Remus can only be taken by those who really know their mission and how to save the werewolves.

Selena begins to be impatient about what happened and doubts if Lyka really did hold the stone of Remus. She then begins to doubt if Lyka really is their "chosen one", although Lady Elle reminded Selena of the tests that she made to Lyka and they have proven that Lyka is above all of their recorded candidates and even all of them present. Selena thought that maybe there is someone even stronger than Lyka.

Lady Elle, confused on Lyka being the "last guard" and worried on the coming Red Moon, consulted Nana Sela. The old woman told Lady Elle that the stone of Remus sensed that Lyka is not worthy of holding the stone, at least not yet. The stone has a mind of his own, and unlike the first guard, the stone will look for the last guard, not the guard to look for the stone.

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