Voting has been closed by Big Brother because a house mate has decided to leave the house. Who will that be? One candidate may be Beauty, because he is so tired of Kevin's "bullying". Another candidate might be Kevin, because he knows that his father is causing so much trouble with the guardians. But is John really to blame?

It's Jolas' birthday and as a surprise treat, he and his father was given a chance to play with two hot players from PBA's Tender Juicy Giants: Peter Simon and James Yap. Jolas is a fan of Yap, so he must be very happy.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i hate this. peter june simon is number 1 in my crush list. haha. i'm so jealous. i hope beauty and the other girls molest him. haha. joke.
    Anonymous said...
    i mean, WON'T molest him

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