Lyka is desperately looking for Noah as she feels that he needs her help. She saw Noah's father one time and followed him. Lyka wants to have a talk with Noah's father and as she is about to knock at their house, Trixie came. Trixie pleads to Lyka not to do it, as she may risk her safety and the other wayas. Trixie told Lyka not to do rash actions.

The next day, Lyka was surprised as Gaby paid her a visit. Gaby dropped by to give Lyka a letter made by Noah, and Lyka was surprised to see the moon stone necklace that she gave Noah. The letter says that Noah is deeply hurt by what Lyka has done to him, and that he decided to accept the military's offer of reindoctrination and training outside of the country.

But it seems that the letter was not really written by Noah, and that Noah is not out of the country. Noah still doesn't want to join the Lunas, and he seems to have a hard time accepting the facts that the Luna is telling him about the werewolves and their mission.


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