Happy Birthday Jolas! Who would know that this tall hunk hasn't had a cake on his past birthdays? Truly his birthday inside Big Brother's house will be his most memorable yet, as he got to play with his PBA idols, and now he has a cake for his birthday!

Big Brother give Josef an important lesson: to give due respect to elders. Josef admitted that both parties has their share of faults, and he apologizes for his own wrongdoings. John also would want to talk to Josef and say sorry. Josef is John's favorite teen house mate. John sees himself in Josef's, and what happened was just a result of too much stress.

Kevin tried to talk to Josef's Tita Anna and wants to work things out with her and his father. Tita Anna told Kevin that it's not his job nor Robi's job to do the "fixing the problem", but John's.


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