Mariza discovered something in the video recording of Lucas' interview. She noticed a frame in the video sequence that shows Lucas as the demon. She quickly hurried to leave the building only to be killed by Lucas (mentally) while aboard the elevator.

Like any mother, Angela's disposition regarding the baby changed when she saw the baby's ultrasound. She realized that she will never repeat the same mistake that her parents did to her, and that she is ready to accept the baby.


  1. Kriann said...
    Hi Ethanne! I always visit your site every time I missed to watch any of my favorite kapamilya shows. I am really thankful for your site! I just have a little favor... can you upload tomorrow's XXX? I won't be able to watch it because I have work on a Saturday night. And I have a strong feeling that Pinky Webb's joining the XXX team. She's really my favorite.

    Hope you can post the video here. :( I'm sorry if I posted the comment here... Can't find a "comment" area for the entire site. :)
    Ethanne said...
    I might post the videos on, please check in out by then. Thanks for the support!
    Kriann said...
    Thanks Ethanne! I'll check it there then. :)

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