Can't get enough of Ejay and Valerie's developing relationship? Watch some more "kilig" moments as these two tries to reminisce what happened last night.

Big Brother told Beauty to lose some weight, and he called for Alex to join her in the workout. Big Brother noticed that Alex seldom do workouts so he tasked both of them to do the workouts together.
Outside, Beauty explained why she keeps distance to Alex. She admitted that she likes Alex, and she doesn't want to further develop her feelings to him because someone is waiting for her outside.

Meanwhile Big Brother pulled out all the food inside the fridge of the house mates. From then on, they will only eat the food that Big Brother will give them.

Rona was also punished because she waked her fellow house mates when it should be the task of Valerie and Ejay (dressed in chicken costume). She will have to start and end her sentence with a rooster crow (tiktilaok). Except for Beauty, Priscilla and Valerie, the other teens are also punished because they have moved the table from the dining to the garden's area. They should transfer the contents of the sack of rice into paper bags using chopsticks only.


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