Many secrets are coming into the open. Leon received an intel that during Silva's stay, he diverted some of the funds to the Lotus Lab. Leon ordered an investigation regarding the lab's operations. Also, Manolo found out that Noah's real father was not Leon but Emil Ortega, although Leon Cristobal raised Noah since his real father's death, and Leon is currently the new head of the Lunas. Noah also found out something special with his physique. Although bitten by a werewolf, Noah discovered that his wound have healed and he didn't turn out to be like them. Leon admitted that it is in his genes that makes him special, and that is the reason why Noah is so important to the Lunas.

Noah brought Lyka home for dinner so that he can personally introduce her to his father and his sister Zoe (Lauren Young). Leon welcomed Lyka warmheartedly but Zoe showed her disapproval for Lyka by not joining them for dinner.

Meanwhile Noah discovered something unusual. He saw Lyka's wound on her hand to heal by itself!


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