Here's episode 11 of Tayong Dalawa. Dave told JR that he was just joking, but he can do that (he can kill a person who is making a fool out of him). JR then told Dave to call Audrey, but Dave didn't bothered.

Meanwhile Ramon was taken by the police for an alleged crime, but was released afterwards. Ramon told his folks that he is working in a nearby church, but he is actually working for an underground gang.

Dave and JR started their training. They had their hairs cut, and do the daily routines.

After some time David opened his new Shooting Range and had a grand opening with news on papers. Marlene saw David's picture on a tabloid and rushed to see him. At first she didn't succeeded, so the other day she was accompanied by her mother Rita and they called him out from the shooting range's entrance. David went out to see them there.


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