Dave saw the picture of JR and Audrey under JR's pillow. Dave got angry with it and asked why do they need to pose like that. JR assured him that there's nothing between him and Audrey. The two even had a bout to release their anger, and after a while Dave forgave JR. JR even tore the picture in front of Dave and promised not to talk to her anymore.

After a few years JR and Dave were about to graduate. Letters were sent to their families. Marlene obviously was so happy. On the other family though, Elizabeth obviously wouldn't want David to attend the ceremonies, so she alibied that someone should stay in Manila to watch over the business. Ingrid and David strongly opposed her suggestion, so Elizabeth thought of another plan. On the day they are about to go to Baguio, someone called David about a bomb threat in their shooting range. David had no other choice but to stay awhile. Audrey is joining them together with Stan King.

After the graduation rites, Audrey congratulated JR. Dave saw their conversation and when JR saw him, the latter immediately left.

The graduates were flanked by their relatives inside the hall, including JR and Dave. Marlene excused herself for a powder room retouch, and who else would she meet there - Ingrid. The two exchanged sarcastic words, and to get even with Ingrid without the possibility of being legally charged, Marlene splashed water over Ingrid.

Outside, David arrived and congratulated Dave. When David turned around, he saw Marlene standing together with JR and the rest of the family. Marlene can't help but leave the place and cried outside. When JR asked her mother why, Marlene told him that his father is inside, his father is also Dave's father.


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