Here's some of the highlights of episode 27 of "Tayong Dalawa". David's remains was displayed in JR's place as part of their deal with Elizabeth. But when Ingrid learned that David's remains is with JR's family, she became hysterical, so Elizabeth had no choice. She ordered an attorney to transfer the coffin. JR stopped the attorney and his men but they didn't succeeded.

JR went to the chapel where his father was displayed. Elizabeth tried to drove him away together with his brother Ramon, but JR calmly told Elizabeth that he will just stay outside and will not bother them. There Leo and his father also paid their respects to the late David. While Ramon was alone, LEo approached him and told him to be wary of his actions because if he do something wrong, Leo will hunt his family down one by one.

The day of David's burial came and JR with his family tried to go there but they were not allowed to go any nearer.

The next day Elizabeth and Ingrid had some talks. Elizabeth was hurt when Ingrid said that she cares more for the wealth than David. Elizabeth told her that she just wanted what's best for her. That night JR and Dave also reminisced their moments with their father.

The following days seem to be the start of Ingrid's revenge. She went to the house bought by David for Marlene and her family and ordered them to vacate it. JR stopped the men that is trying to push them out and told Ingrid that they will leave the house and there is no need for brutal force.

Ramon and JR had some discussion about JR trusting Dave so much after all the promises that Dave failed to deliver. Dave meanwhile got mad at her mother for being so rude with JR and his family. Marlene, on the other side, promised that their day will come.

Dave tried to apologize to JR for his mother's rudeness and offered them a place to stay and some help. JR refused and told Dave that he doesn't want to have a debt of gratitude with Ingrid.


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