Ingrid heard Dave and David and she found out that they are still seeing JR. She is so angry at David, but David told her that it is a sort of privilege for Dave on his vacation, and it is his way of getting close to his son. Little did she know that there are a lot more to that.

Meanwhile, Lily was confined in a hospital. Stanley Sr. is scolded Audrey for always making her grandmother angry. When Lily got conscious, she saw Audrey and told Stanley that she doesn't want to see her. Audrey heard what Lily said and walked out. Lily asked what she is doing, to which Audrey replied - "You don't want to see me, do you? So here I am, walking away."

After a few days of vacation it's back to school for the two guys. Before JR left their place, Greta showed up wearing a dress. It's Greta's way of showing to JR that she can do what he wants. Ramon silently watched the two with envy.

Audrey hurriedly went to the bus station to bid farewell to her boyfriend Dave. As the two kissed, JR had this feeling of envy and told the two to stop it (in a light manner only).

At the barracks, JR can't sleep thinking of Audrey. Dave saw him still awake and had some talks about Greta. He asked JR what would his reaction be if he learned that Greta has a deep secret. JR casually told Dave that whatever that is, he is confident that Greta has a reason for it and he will accept whatever secret she has, if she is willing to say it to him.

They had a military exercise at the mountains wherein out of nowhere armed rebel groups showed up unexpectedly. They had a crossfire and during the siege Dave covered JR, bur Dave got shot in the process. Fortunately it was just a shallow wound. An officer recognized their bravery and promised a commendation for them.

Audrey called Dave to know his situation but she can't contact him, so she called JR, who obviously was happy to hear her. Greta and Lola Gets also called JR. Meanwhile Ingrid and Elizabeth rushed to the hospital where Dave was, and they were surprised to see JR there. Ingrid spoke harsh words against JR once again, and told him that she will call her contacts inside the military to kick him out of the academy, but JR handled the situation like a gentleman and told her that "it is up to her, but the decision is up to the officers". When David Sr. entered the room, JR politely exited. Ingrid got angry with Dave and David for hiding all these things from her. She told them that if she can't kick out JR, she will pull out Dave, to which Dave strongly opposed. David also wants Dave to stay, so Ingrid had no choice.


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