Here are the highlights of episode 26 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Audrey and JR had a meal in a restaurant. At some point in their conversation, JR told Audrey that Greta is not her girlfriend. Audrey thought that the two broke up, where in fact they never were emotionally related.

Meanwhile, Leo's group was about to leave the shooting range when David came. David pointed a gun at one of them, who happens to be Ramon. David recognized him, and when he turned around Leo shot David.

Ramon was shocked and when he got home JR noticed this. Just then JR received a phone call that his father was shot.

David was rushed to the hospital and the doctors saw the bullet at his head. David was in critical condition and couldn't speak but is conscious. Elizabeth tried to safeguard their wealth by forcing David to sign some papers but Ingrid stopped her.

The police had a video of the incident and was reviewing happened. The video had no audio, but they could see what was happening. They noticed that David was talking to someone before he was shot, but since the man's face was covered they couldn't recognize him (the man is Ramon).

The police tried to have some interrogations with David, and told him to write the name of the man who shot him, but when he is about to write something in the paper, he died.

JR wanted to be with his father in his last days, but he knows that Ingrid would not want to see him. He told Dave to help him with his wish, but Dave knows that his mother wouldn't allow it. Elizabeth also told them that she will not allow it, but JR insisted (requested) since he also have a right being David's son. After some while, Elizabeth decided to allow JR's family to have David for one night at wherever they want to, but after that David will be with them and she doesn't want to see them there.


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