JR was shocked to hear that his father is David Garcia Sr., the father of his best friend Dave. His respect for him changed to anger as Marlene told him that it was his father and his woman that sent her to jail.

JR immediately looked for Dave and his father, but on the way he saw Audrey. He told Audrey about it, but Audrey told him that he can never be sure about it, and that he should be wary of his actions. Meanwhile Dave saw them talking, and when he asked them what are they talking about, JR told him that it was nothing important. Fortunately Greta came and pulled him away from them. Dave asked Audrey what they are talking about. Audrey just said that it was a family problem. Dave and his family didn't stayed long as they immediately left, maybe to avoid any further trouble.

Marlene told JR the whole story about how David met her and what really happened between them. Marlene and Lola Gets then told him to stay away from Dave and his father, but JR insisted that he do something about it.

Back in the barracks, Dave and JR talked about JR's family problem and Audrey. Although JR didn't told what his family problem is all about, Dave was wondering why of all people JR should let Audrey know of his problem. JR then told him that it just so happened that Audrey was there.

Back in Manila, Lola Gets told Marlene that it was a bad idea to tell JR about who his father was. Marlene told her mother that it was an unexpected situation and things happen. On the other hand, while Ingrid was out to manage their business, David talked to Elizabeth about his son with Marlene. Elizabeth told him to stay away from them as Marlene, being the prostitute that she was, will just grab all the money she can get with him. David thinks otherwise about Marlene, but Elizabeth told him that Marlene asked her for some money before. But David said that the real issue is that whether JR is really his son, and Elizabeth told him that if that be the case, he can kiss his sweet life goodbye.

Time for the graduates to go home. JR bid farewell to his buddy Dave, and Dave did the same to JR.

Audrey gets another scolding from her grandmother as she though that she used Dave's mother to go to Baguio and escape her duties. Audrey answered calmly by saying that it was just for a day and it was a very special occasion. Stanley told Audrey not to answer back to avoid arguments.

JR talked to her mother again regarding his father. Marlene thought that David loved him, but when JR asked if she treated him as just a customer, she told him that he was more than that; he is special. That's why she told JR that he is also special to her. Ramon was just listening from behind.

Unaware to his family, JR went to the Garcia's house to have a talk with David. David was with Ingrid and when the latter saw JR, she became hysterical and told JR to go away. JR insisted that he wants to talk to David. David then told Ingrid to go back home and he'll have a talk with JR. (See video below)

When David got home, Ingrid got mad at him for talking to JR. JR also received some scolding from his mother Marlene. Dave meanwhile went to see Audrey to ask for forgiveness, but Audrey was not in the mood. Audrey told him that she is sick of always following orders and being restricted. When Audrey told him that it might be better if they part ways, Dave hugged her tightly and told her that they should not make harsh moves.

Marlene was talking with Lola Gets about David. Lola Gets told her that if David loves her, he should at least talk to her. Just then David showed up.


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