Sorry for the delay. Here's some of the happenings on episode 19 of Tayong Dalawa.

David went to Marlene's place and told her that he will take care of them, but he wants to make sure if JR really is his son. He wants JR to undergo a DNA test, and JR got home just in time and spit on a handkerchief and gave it to David.

Dave had some talks with his girlfriend Audrey regarding JR's family problem, bur Audrey told him that she is not in the position to divulge it.

When David got home, he was interrogated by Ingrid, and somehow he managed to go away with some alibi. But this made Ingrid unconvinced all the more. She feels that David is hiding something from her.

Dave wanted to know JR's problem so he invited him for some drinks. Dave asked about it but JR didn't told him about it yet. But JR promised that he will always be a friend to him. David also had some drinks with Stanley (on a different place). David told him that he feels differently for JR.

When David got home, Ingrid for mad at him again because she called his office and he wasn't there. His phone is also off. David just said sorry. Ingrid shouted at him and accused him for having another woman. Dave just got home and heard their fight. Dave told his father that he doesn't want to see her mother hurting, so he better not have any outside affairs.

After two weeks, the DNA results confirmed that JR is truly his son. David showed the results to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was hysterical about it. David wanted to correct the things he had done, but Elizabeth told him to hide all of these to Ingrid. Ingrid might not handle such stress.

David went to Marlene's place and talked to them. He told them that JR is truly his son and he will help them financially. He even bought them a new house. JR doesn't want to accept David's offer, but Marlene accepted them. She told JR that it's not about the money and house, it's about David recognizing that he is his son.

But the broker whom David bought the house for Marlene called at their house and it was Ingrid who answered the phone. The agent told Ingrid about the house David bought, and obviously she had no idea about it. They thought it was David's surprise so she got the address and decided to have a look. To her surprise, Marlene was there. (see video below). Marlene

After some hours, David and Elizabeth was talking about it and Ingrid heard about something like "she has to know the truth". David then told Ingrid that JR, Marlene's son, is also his son.


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