Audrey finally got the chance to talk to Dave. Audrey decided to visit Dave in Baguio to which Dave gladly agrees. Meanwhile David, Ingrid and Elizabeth were having a heated discussion regarding Dave's stay in the PMA. Ingrid wants Dave to leave the academy so that they can get rid of JR, but David doesn't want to pull out his son. Ingrid somehow noticed that suddenly Dave is siding in favor of JR, and told him that if ever he is hiding something from her, she will commit suicide.

Unfortunately for Dave, he was caught using his cellphone during an unauthorized time. He was punished for it and was not allowed to go out for two weeks. Dave then told JR to accompany Audrey. The two had fun, but what they didn't know is someone is watching them and took a picture of them together.

Meanwhile, Lola Gets told Marlene that her case is getting near to a close as Elizabeth is now considering a negotiation fee of P100,000. It was Elizabeth's attorney's decision because the case has been taking too long. Ramon wanted to get her mother out of jail so he went to the boss of their gang. In exchange of the P100,000 is his lifetime service to Leo (Baron Geisler). He succeeded in his initiation so he was the given the money he needed. Marlene was freed.

When Audrey got home, he received a harsh interrogation from Stanley. Stanley wanted to know who's the man she is with in Baguio, but Audrey didn't told him. After the incident, Audrey is thinking of leaving the house, and Stan King (Giro Manio) told her that he will go with her.

Greta performed her final dance at the bar and resigned. She then volunteered in a church organization as part of her personal change as what JR wanted in a girl. When she got home, Ramon talked to her and told her to cover up the money.

Elizabeth told David that after Dave's graduation, he will come with her in California to open up another branch. David insisted that Dave will stay and serve his country. Elizabeth told him that it what Ingrid wants. But David wouldn't change his mind anyways. Elizabeth told Ingrid about it, and since it was David's decision, Ingrid wouldn't want to contradict further. But Elizabeth told Ingrid that she should try to get rid of JR in Dave's life, or else he might take everything that matters in her life.

Meanwhile, Dave noticed that JR became so concerned about Audrey lately. He told him "Walang talo talo" in the sense that Audrey is his girlfriend and JR should not meddle with their relationship. Unitl one day, Dave saw a picture of JR and Audrey under JR's pillow.


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