For the next batch of kiddies, Amy sang "Laguna" by Sampaguita, Jerome sang "The Animal Song" by Savage Garden, and Risie sang "The Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchel.

Jimmy Antiporda on Amy - "Nasa timing ka ngayon, tsaka magandang maganda ang iyong movements."
Rachel on Jerome - "Parang ninerbyos ka... pero nakahabol ka naman... perform your best all the time."
Barbie on Risie - "Good job... yung voice mo may unique quality."

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  1. justmeeh said...
    I watched the little dreamers last night and they're really good, but I just cant undersand Rachell's comment on Jerome that he was not on the right key? Hmmm maybe she just dont know the song becuase even though the pitch was low for his voice, still it was on the right key....Go Boy,,, Just keep up the good work, You've improved!!!!

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