On the eve of Julian's departure to Davao and Jasmine's adoption, he invited Jasmine for a dinner. They celebrated their last night of being just friends, because the next day they will be cousins. Jasmine no doubt has fallen for Julian.

The day of Julian's departure has arrived. At first Jasmine thought that she will not see Julian before he leaves, but Julian had the chance to say goodbye to Jasmine. Julian can't help but touch Jasmine's hair and give her a hug, but Jasmine stopped him.


  1. kkk=kakakilig said...
    nakakainis naman at friday ngayon... wala tuloy masusubaybayan bukas... nakakabaliw itong last episode... thanks for posting reviews of the next episode...God bless talaga
    Anonymous said...
    i cant wait until monday!
    Anonymous said...
    talaga lang. i cant wait either
    zlerahlyn said...
    Nice version of the Korean drama, My Girl. For comparisson, you can view the entire Korean version on this site:


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