In preparation for the scholar's Trio Gala performances, Teacher Joey gave them some group coordination exercises. They performed the Mirror Exercise, wherein a scholar will have to imitate what the other scholar is doing, as if in front of a mirror. Also, each of them were advised to always and discreetly coordinate with each other while performing on stage as a group.

More of Gary Valenciano's visit in the academy. He taught them that when they sing they should sing not to impress, rather singing is a way to express his or her feelings. He also said that when they're given the chance to sing, they should sing; when given the chance to act, play the part, and when given a chance to write a song, write it with all their heart.

Bunny even received a pray-over from Gary V. himself. Bunny experienced something strange with her body during Gary's talk with them, maybe because of Bunny's sugar level.


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