For the next batch of performers; Iñaki sang "Kiss" as popularized by Prince, Apple sang "Fever" by Madonna, Bunny sang "Emotions" popularized by Destiny's Child, and Van sang "Bed of Roses" by Bon Jovi.

Vina on Iñaki - "Yung voce mo, konti pang (sexy) buo, swabe... at congratulations pumayat ka na..."
Gerard on Apple - "You are over-qualified for the song... I think you delivered it (sensuality)... on that basis, it was good!"
Louie on Bunny - "I don't think you were in good shape tonight... hindi maganda yung pagkanta mo ngayong gabi..."
Vina on Van - "I don't think this is the right song for you... naging rock e... pero ang galing."


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