Pop-music star Leah Navarro graces the academy and gave pointers to scholars about stage presence. She even sang one of her popular hits "Ang Pag-Ibig Kong Ito".

PDA resident Psychologist/Psychiatrist Dr. Randy Dellosa visited the academy and gave the scholars an activity that will try to discover their own self. In the activity, the "leader" personality showed up in the person of Iñaki. Dr. Dellarosa discussed with them how the "leader" affects the attitude of the group.

An honorary scholar will enter the academy and she is Poy Palma. As an honorary scholar, she will be given Php50,000 if ever she becomes a star scholar for a week, and after being a scholar for the third time, she can take home P150,000 and leave the academy, or return the money and become an official scholar.


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