Scarlet and Miguel came back to the Philippines from the States to meet their father's wife. Miguel was surprised to see that his father-in-law married her old-time lover Catherine. Scarlet hates her step-mother so much that she mocked her during a dinner party with some family friends and relatives.

Catherine is against all odds (but not all) as most of the person she love doesn't agree with her marriage with Martin. Her Lola Aura is ignoring her lately, Scarlet is playing the "maldita" stepdaughter, and Miguel totally hates her.


  1. Anonymous said...
    this is my fave episode... thanks ethane for the effort of posting this soap.. because i cant watch it on its original time... and i really like diether ocampo since gimik days!!! lahat ng soap at movies niya alam ko at ang galeng nila,,,, really nadadala ako everytime naghaharap si diether at claudine it was like my heart is pumping out feeling ko tuloy ako si claudine... hehehe in my dreamz!!! go claudine idol ka ng best ko since pare ko pinanood pa niya un sa megamall ng walang paalam sa mommmy niya during our high school days... un pagigigng maldita mo when facing diether is good tama lang un kasi time to revenge and to seduce him hehehe mamatay siya sa kakatingin!!!and this ur chance... keep it up cant wait to see episode 12... diamonds are 4ever ryt?! taray!!! ETHANE ur angel send by heaven juz for a million people who cant watch bcoz wer bz enuf to have our own hacienda amadesto.. hehehe joke... gud nyt... see u on next episode and i really like din po un pilot episode bye! see yah!!! ps...(pahabol po.. kala ko nga aasa na naman ako sa kwento ng mother ko at ivizualize lahat ng kwento niya about this... kasi trailer palang feeling mo napanood mo na lahat pero patikim pa lang iyon grabe... breath taking talaga trailer pa lang effort na... when i visit un site ng you tube to watch this soap.. nabasa ko na to watch the complete episode juz visit this site... and un na nga un sagot sa prayers ko na mapanood ito... sobrang thankful ako thanks din sa technology for havving this... di nako aasa sa kwento hehehehe!!! thanks and keep it up!! actually minsan lang ako mag comment pero lulubusin ko na dahil sobra talaga ako natuwa... diether ur so good in hating claudine pero deep inside mahal pa niya... wahahaha!!! GRABE... ADIK NAKO KAY DIETHER!!! sige po...til next episode i had to sleep na i had to go to work... bye good nyt!!!)
    Anonymous said...
    The BEST and my most awaited episode ever!!!
    Can't wait for the next episodes.
    Casts and crews of this tele novela MORE POWER to you all!!!
    Anonymous said...
    really love this episode, wahehehe........panalo talaga ang IPL....khit ano pa sasabihin you clau and the rest of the character.....galing galing niu lahat. muaaahhhhhhh!!!

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