The kids watched their previous Gala performance and being the "makukulit" that they are, it is unavoidable that some will laugh at other's mistakes, or some small details that are funny to their eyes, just like in the case of Angelo's teeth (bungi). Shane teased Angelo with his teeth and he didn't liked it so he throw something at Shane (a hanky I presume). Aw, cute little kids.

Iñaki made a song for Cris, and Cris requested him to sing it again. Here's the lyrics:
I never thought that I'd feel this way
I never thought it would matter
But now I've seen who you really are
And guess what? I'm falling for you

I find it hard to say just how I feel
But I'm sure that what I feel is for real
It's just too bad our worlds are far apart
I wish I had the right key to your heart

If you give me a try
Maybe you would see that I'm your type of guy
Funny, sweet, charming and talented
All the girls ever wanted

All the girls ever wanted
All the girls ever wanted

Bugoy is again bothered by the impression that others give on him. He again insisted that he is not gay. Hmm, maybe he is just effeminate. But is being effeminate make you gay? How about some opinions there... Because stereotypically, an effeminate man is gay (at least that's my understanding). How about you?

Speaking of Bugoy, it's his mother's birthday and as a surprise treat for Bugoy, he had the chance to speak with her and sing a song (which he initially thought was requested by a fan). Bugoy sang "The Perfect Fan" by The Backstreet Boys.

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