With no one to talk to, Annika went to Tessie to ask for some advice. Tessie suggested that she convince Julian to the states so that he will be away with the woman he love. When Tessie asked Annika if Julian had a secret, Annika didn't told her about it.

Annika demanded for Julian's decision regarding Jasmine. Julian's decision is that he will be the one to go away instead of Jasmine. Since there is a problem with their hotel in Davao, he will stay there to personally manage it.

Meanwhile, the two bestfriends, Julian and Nico, talked about Jasmine and their love for her. After a couple of minutes, Nico punched Julian. Why?

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    kakakilig naman!!! kakainis naputol pa... thanks nga pala for posting previews ng next episode... God Bless!

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